The Other Side of The Road

As always on this boulevard, the faces were young, coming annually in an endless migration from every country, every continent, to alight here once in the long journey of their lives. Brian Moore
As always on this boulevard, the faces were young, coming annually in an endless migration from every country, every continent, to alight here once in the long journey of their lives.

It was a breezy November evening. The sun just set behind the concrete towers leaving a mellow of colors with a red tint across the horizon. It seemed to be an artist’s work on the grey canvas. The water started drizzling from the heavens above and the landscape seemed to be Paul Bril’s finest work.  The neighborhood never looked so beautiful. I was walking down the boulevard as usual for routine evening stroll with “My Heart Will Go On” streaming straight into my ears. Cars were zipping by, the usual pell-mell of kids on the streets, life in a metro as they call it. It was all so animated, sans the clatter. Everything that was happening around, it wasnt anything new, yet, it still had some thing distinct about it. The air was fresh and lighter, probably from the sprinkle moments ago. This breath of fresh air made me change my mood. I took a little detour from my usual walk.

The song changed to Gangnam Style and I found myself hopping down the path. There’s always something about these songs. No matter what mood you are in, you just cant help shaking a leg or two to these tunes. As I was walking down, now with some pace, I noticed something different. It was a familiar area, yet it was unknown. I looked around. “Oh yes, this is the same area I come for the groceries” I told myself. But why was it so different. I continued my brisk walk towards the main road. Everything was different. I had known this place for more than a decade now, but this was something new. I had been up and down that road a countless number of times in these years, but I could not help but admire the serene view.

It had been a good 30 minutes. So, I decided to take a little break in the nearby park. The park was abuzz with boisterous kids. Playing, running around each other, some crying, some laughing their guts out! Rain does freshen up everyone. Even a slight drizzle is enough. I sat down by the pond, contemplating what I had seen while walking. Why was it so new? I had been on this path almost everyday. Then why was everything neoteric? While walking back home, I took my usual path back. I was keenly observing the surroundings this time, trying to find if something had changed overnight here et al. No. Same. Everything is the same. Then why did that road seem unfamiliar.

I came home, made myself a decaf and turned on my laptop. Facebook. It didnt interest me much. I came out to the balcony to enjoy that zephyr that was still around. You hardly get to experience them In Delhi. I looked at the entire landscape. The sun had now set and darkness lingered around. A flock of birds flew across, probably heading home. The view was as clear as crystal(That’s cliche, but absolutely fits the bill). I reiterate  this was still one of the finest evenings in Delhi (since the time I have been old enough to keep records of such things!). Recalling upon my rendevouz with apparently newly found surroundings, I realised, soon enough, why that seemed an unfamiliar territory. Although I had been there like a gazilion times, it seemed new because I had never traveled through that part of the road. I was either walking down on the other side of the road, or zipped through it! I never took the to the other side of the road.

What this evening made me realise was how important it is to have a a look at the problem from another angle. Many of us, including me, until now, see a problem from only one perspective. One view to the problem, if it pans out, then good else leave it. An additional perspective to the problem may help a great deal to iron out the byzantine folds of the situation. It may not seem to be a viable option and utterly useless at first, but it definitely gives you a look from another dimension to the problem. And if that turns out to give a clear solution to the problem, voila!

I would end this with a famous attuce, now probably a cliche, but I still feel it is esoteric.

Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry


2 thoughts on “The Other Side of The Road

  1. I really feel you are growing in right direction! However, why you have to use word I so many times Indeed in your blog it will be you only and also even if it not you will be only !!! Love you

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