The College Vivacity: Part 2

Nesci was the best hangout place in college. Every college gas that one place where at any given point during the day you can find someone to whom you can go up and say hi. Nesci fitted the bill perfectly. It was on the crisscross between academic section, the library, the administrative section, the computer center. almost everything was just a few minutes walk from here. Plus on a pleasant evening, you could just sit here with your friends and talk for like, hours, literally and at the same time experience the beautiful panoramic view of the college. Its been 5 semesters for me in this college and everytime I am left in the awe of it just like when i saw it for the first time. Absolutely stunning.

As we sat down on the bench with our frappe and sandwich, a junior of ours walked past us towards the library. lets call her Shruti, she’ll be making some appearances later. Now since she was hot, and the word hot is used here strictly by engineering standards, it was my duty to gape at her.
“Slut” she spoke in a hushed tone while sipping the frappe.
“What?” I asked, still staring.
“Way out of your league jaaneman. There, that one. Hit on her” she pointed towards a female, presumably, with curly hairs and rather rotund physique.
“Oi. She was out of the league. Completely agreed.” I said as I pointed towards the enticing lady. “But that” I pointed towards the other she “For her, I, am well out of her league, miss” I said with disapprobabtion while she chuckled.

“So, what about the minor project?” she asked
“Interfacing 4 wire resistive touch screen using microcontroller” i said, grinning.
“Don’t tell me you partnered with that bastard again”
“Very much indeed. Easy marks now. You gotta think for 4 credits.” I knew she would be pissed at me for this. But not for long.
“Dude, i had this wonderful project at hand. And we could have extended it to an original research paper. MS STUFF” she exclaimed.
“Okay, i am listening. Keep going” i started listening intently now.
Its based on solar sector. Power devices and all. Plus everything is based on MATLAB simulation, so no hardware costs. The ultimate kanjar project.”

“Hmmmm. You do know me quiet well, dont you?”

She grinned.

“I’ll talk to the other guys” I told her as I got up to pay the bill.

“You.. are.. paying?” she asked in absolute amazement.

“The wallet’s tight. I thought maybe I should loosen it up!” I smirked. “Anything else?”

“Now that one’s asking, I’ll have a Frap..”

“So nothing else eh. Okay. Bhaiya, Paise kat lo” I cut her in between.

“Abeyy Kanjar” she went by as she nudged me.

In the evening, I talked to the other people in my group regarding the project. As I came to know through further discussions over the conference call, the project that seemed brilliant in the beginning, now sounded a costly and risky. The quotation for the hardware that these guys had planned to use was around Rs 22000. That amount was more than enough for me to decide that i would be leaving this group this very moment.

“Guys, I dont think we should be going ahead with this 22k crap any further. Lets drop it and think of something else.” I clearly had it in my mind what that “something else” was.

“Okay, lets give it a thought. We’ll talk tomorrow about it” Yash said, frustated. It was his idea after all.

“Wait, I have a project in mind. Photovoltaic Transformerless Standalone systems” I read the piece of paper on which I had jotted down the title that Yamika had told me in the coffee shop. There was absolute silence for next few moments. I wished I could have seen those nerds’ faces at that moment. The title was as good as our previous one, if one was to see it through a layman’s eyes.

“What?” Yash asked.

And then I did the one thing I was absolutely good at. I puked every single word about the project, what it meant, which prof was going to undertake the future study of the project and every possible thing that Yamika had told me. Suddenly I was their head. It was unanimously decided to quit the 22k crap and work on the new project.

“There is just this one thing that I would like you guys to accept. Yamika will be joining us as a group member as it is not just mine but both mine and her idea, this project.” I said

“Dude.. girls screw things up man! Ditch her and we’ll make it a larger.” Yash said. He was a true nerd. Gynophobic.

“F**k off man. It is as much as hers as it is mine. If you dont want her in the group, no problem, we wont work on it. Find something else.” I told him sharply.

“Okay guys, we’ll have her on board. Dont argue. We’ll meet tomorrow then and talk it up with FacAd.” Rahul said. Rahul was an even bigger nerd and I was quiet surprised that he didnt oppose to the idea of Yamika on board with us.

I disconnected the call and thought of the great relief of saving Rs. 22k. I really am a Kanjar. Man! I got the tougher party on board, now I had to convince my lovely to get on with the 2 nerds. Should be difficult.

I dialled her number.

And again. And again. And again. And then she finally picked up.

“Are you ignoring me? F**k you’re ignoring me now that I didnt say yes for the project. You know what, I wont be saying yes to every crappy demand of yours miss. And..” I was cut down.

Hae Rabba, tera gussa! Jaanemann, its dinner time. Kamino ne fir wahi banaya hai. Brown water with 1..2..3..4..5.. 6 pieces of Rajma beans. These people are so kind. I’ll call you once that finished.” she hung up.

“Beta, Dinners ready. Come” my mom called from the kitchen. As I put my phone back on the table, I glanced through it again. It was still showing the last called details.


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