World Class University

(This essay has a tinge of impertinence. If you find it unsuitable please don’t read it further! CAUTIONED FIRST! )

The worst thing about coming into 6th semester at college is you have to start getting serious. You need to start thinking what to do next in life. What university to apply for, in case one wishes to actually end up in hell after treading the road to perdition; what job to take up, and, well according to my granny, your wife and your babies. (o.O) You have to be serious. Or at least act so. I have decided, voluntarily, to knock on the door that reads HELL. Yes, I am planning for a Masters degree after huffing and puffing my way to the last lap of my Bachelor’s degree. What can be worse than 4 grueling years at Delhi College of Engineering?

Well, looking up for a suitable college isn’t a simple task. Lots and lots of MB’s needs to be wasted on the internet which could otherwise had been more productively used (If you didn’t get this, please entertain yourself on POGO!). I have now been going with this stuff for more than 3 months and every single time I leave even more discombobulated than before. Many of you ( Please don’t count me the number of viewers on this blog. I know how “many” they are!) may be wondering why this appellation? “World Class University”. You aint talked shit about that yet! Okay here it goes why. (You may well advice your friends to start from here!)

Yesterday, I was watching a couple of YouTube videos posted by University of Waterloo. And I was amazed. Man they know how to have fun! I have posted the videos at the end of this article. People there actually “welcome” freshers to the college. It feels as if the seniors have taken the responsibility upon themselves to make the new entrants a part of the family. A “WEEK” of orientation PARTY! Get to know each other for a week before you begin the new journey (I don’t even know my batch mates completely! And I am ready to bet my fortune neither does any one else!). In other videos, I saw a girl, holding a placard that read “Free Hugs” in the middle of Main Hall. Some were signing up freshers for a tour of the city. It all seemed so wonderful.

Compare that with what you feel in this college when you enter for the first time. Everyone is busy with themselves. Seniors and freshmen are in a world of their own. New kids are as reticent as the senior pile. One fears RAGGING, other fears the CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING CAUGHT WHILE RAGGING. As a result there is next to null interaction. Freshers party is just another way to earn money as are selling T-shirts, hoodies, DTU sweatbands (seriously!). I remember myself coughing up INR 300 for supposedly a freshers party at a disco (that closed down the day after it was opened). It turned out to be a sausage fest (Again. Watch Pogo, kids). I was also forced to pay for the sweatband that I never wore and the T-shirt that looked like 10- year old kid’s 10 year old T-shirt after first wash! If you oppose them, they’ll tell you “Tujhe toh main dekh lunga sale. Tera jeena mushkil kar dunga college me. Tu janta ni main kon hu” (I’ll see you one day. I’ll make life a living hell for you here dude. You dont know who I am!) And freshers too are such scared noobs.

I cant say for other colleges, but this, DTU, this sure aint gonna be a WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY. Not now, not ever! We cannot have a week long ORIENTATION PARTY here. We cannot have girls stay beyond 9PM outside hostels. If we have a girl standing in Mech Canteen with a placard FREE HUGS, she’ll be boob crushed, and branded a slut. If its a guy, he’ll stay there all alone, all day long, and be called GAY for the remainder of his term at DCE.

And there is no one but us to be blamed for this shit! We, the students. Preaching American Pie and practicing sexism. Boy, the mentality and attitude here! 6 students getting package of 60 lacs doesn’t make the university WORLD CLASS! Its all in the mind. When your mind is world class, the place automatically becomes one!

Some may say I made a rather unjust comparison based on YouTube videos. Well, that is true in some sense. “Dur ke dhol suhavne lagte hai” as one may quote in Hindi. But then, type DCE or DTU on YouTube. What you get is a series of protest videos! This essay doesn’t mean I hate my college all-out! I love it! I love my college and my Alma mater. I have made incredible friends here. Amazing moments, fights, anxious moments and what not! What I want to convey through this is Lets work together to make this place better! DTU: A truly world class University!

Okay that was utopian! The last few sentences! And I am not being a cynic, but realistic!

Watch these videos and keep up the spirits good people. Happy Holi!


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