The time you en…

The time you enjoy wasting, isnt wasting of time!

I was going through a couple of quotes a few days back when I came across this one. And it simply blew me away. And even after, like what, a week or two, I still find this so comforting. You must enjoy your time, no matter what you do with it. It is your life, and it must run on your rules. That being said, one must not find this as an excuse to cover up every single moment. There is infact, some of the time we waste. And that is for us to consider. You will know it.

I’ll tell you what happened with me today. I have my end term exams for 6th sem stating in around 3 weeks. Shit loads of syllabus to cover! Yet, I was completely engulfed in leading Chelsea to yet another title on FIFA13. My mom, strictly against me playing games, especially during exams, started castigating my work schedule and how I have fallen from the great heights into the abyss of my now, not-so-illustruous-academic-record at the college.

I told her the same thing, this, the quote, which drew even more ire from her! But, inside, I knew, it wasnt wastage f my time. I am enjoying it and hence shall do it! The feeling of guilt started brewing when I had completed around 3 hours playing non stop. I could not shadow my guilt with this unnerving quote. That is when, I knew I had to stop.

So, what I am saying here is, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, for however long YOU WANT. But then, draw a line between enjoying wasting time and actually wasting your time!



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