Kids these days!

Over the duration of my stay in Pune, I have endured a torrid time. In front of television, that is. When you have a 6 year old haggling every time the idiot box is switched on to put on “Doraemon”, it really is annoying. Every time. It is at that point of time, you realize it really is an idiot box. I mean seriously, THAT is what kids these days call cartoon? What about the epic Pokemon? Absolutely nonsensical but comical Ed Edd and Eddy? And how can someone not watch Johnny Bravo? The super-scientific Dexter’s Laboratory! Or the diabolical Mojo-Jojo? My nephew just doesn’t like it. Instead he tells me “Ye bhi koi cartoon hota hai?” What has the world come to, dear lord? If you give me an episode of Pokemon, I’ll be as enthused and excited when Ash would yell “Charlizard, Main tumhe chunta hu!!” as I would have back then! Those days!

I have literally become sick of this Japanese jackshit. Jiyan, Nobita, Shizuka (God, are those even names?) and it doesn’t end there! There’s Doraemon, Doraemi, DORACAKES! What a fornication! (I got my family guys reading this! Cant use the other eff!) How do I know these names? Well, if you have a nephew who dilates his pupils like a cat, something like this Image,

and keeps asking you to please watch it with him, laugh at every other nonsensical act of that blue-raccoon (Doraemon hates it when someone calls him a raccoon! :p) (Ohh! Dammit!), you just cant help it! You have to watch that every time you sit down to have food, every time you want to know about current affairs or listen to the invincible Arnab Goswami. You end up watching the Japanese cartoon! I so hate you, people from the far east!

But if one is to retrospect, we all were once kids. Adorable, presumably! Naughty, definitely! Plundering everything, soiling the new robes every time we went to the playground and then there was extreme affinity for cartoons! I still remember being attracted to the Little Mermaid. Those lovely red hair! Kids nowadays, they don’t play as much physically, are a more “sophisticated” and prefer to be in the company of gadgets rather than friends. I remember, my mother used to struggle to keep me at home, it was all about cricket back then! You needed just some space, a bat and a bowl and a company, which wasn’t very difficult to find! Short pitch, long pitch, narrow pitch and if lucky, we had the full playground! Play like mad, return home dying sloth and there was always your dear mums ready with nimbu pani! Kids do not have this “luxury” now. Many of you might disagree with me, but I am being a spectator here! Kids do not play as freely, they wont throw themselves on the field to save a few runs! Heck, many don’t even play! Some don’t have the facility, others simply are reluctant. They find raccoon talks more enjoyable.

Today, I find these kids, even the one’s barely in class 8th flaunting their iPhones with Angry Birds back cover! I considered myself The One if I had a 9999999-in-1 video game cassette, or a Raichu tazo card (That was extremely rare!!). I am not deriding the current crop of toddlers, but I am questioning their ways. Is it good? Is it healthy? I guess only time will tell! I love my mom and dad for bringing me up the way they have, for I am too happy that I turned out this way! Not an ounce of regret! I would have had a brain malfunction if I grew up watching the Japanese!

And to end with what I started, fornicate you, Doraemon!



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