Why I love the freshly pressed!

I may never write as good as half the people on WordPress do, I may not be that creative when it comes to thinking out of the box in matters of relationships, life, love, friendship; yet I just adore the expositions of these people (the ones that are “freshly pressed” and perhaps many others, who unfortunately, I  cannot stumble upon).

Some put their souls here, some pen down emotions I can hardly find words to express. Some are amazing with the sheer creativity they have, their ability to paint a picture! Some whose accounts are as exciting as if I am actually experiencing it with them! Some whose perspectives about everything influences you, your daily life, perhaps change them to certain extent.

To be able to read and share these experiences is a privilege. A privilege that I am grateful for towards the WordPress community. It is not only exciting experience that comes with reading here, but also the ability to connect and talk with people, exchange ideas with them is what is truly a wonderful and fresh breath in my otherwise monotonous life. Pity those who are missing the fun here! What makes this place even better is the pool of people from all walks of life. Someone’s married, someone’s studying abroad, an old sire, a pretty damsel!!

You guys are now a part of me. Everyone of you. With you, I have traveled the unknown territories of Zimbabwe, nightmare of having a kid!, the surprises at the airports! I entreat the guys at WordPress to continue with the amazing amazing job that they are doing of making this world a better place!


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