The tinted glasses

Her facebook profile picture maybe outstandingly beautiful, an outlandish fairy tale angel like, but that is not what she looks like. That is what Instagram nakes her look like. That is what we all have accepted. Choosing to ignore that, which is truth. We desire truth albeit a tinted one. With a filter that makes it look better, at least aesthetically.

How, or rather when did we become such callous and ignorant ones? Why didn’t anyone stop us? Because what I see now, is not what is expected of us. We declare ourselves the only animal with some “sense” and yet we act in ways that would outdo monkeys.

We are so disconnected from the other half of the world. The one that lives in penury, one which loses its sons and daughters to hunger, to water that we would not dare to water our plants with. And yet there are people with no option, that drink it, and succumb to it. We have become so cynical and narcissistic that we have chosen to ignore their voices, entreaties, their mere presence. When did we become such diabolical lackadiasical creatures that has ignored pleads of its own species. By what right therefore, we call ourselves HUMAN?

People waste food. Do we not know of trails and tribulations faced by so many people to even get two square meals. Have you not seen this photo? How can you waste the food that could fill some childs belly that has been empty for days.

Aint photoshopped, neither instagramed.
Aint photoshopped, neither instagramed.

This photo is enough to convey the pain, apathy, misanthrophy that still has deep roots in the world. I see people squandering away water, food.  Why have you chosen to disregard and ignore this reality that still lies here. Why do you want to wear those tinted glasses when you know what actually is out there. Yes, those glasses will darken those unwanted elements you dislike, but it wont remove them. They’ll remain, in darkness of your vision, where you have chosen to ignore them. You do not wish to see them, but they are always there.

Next time you chose to throw away your food, keep this photograph in mind. You may have killed a kid somewhere by your cynicism.
Next time you chose to throw away your food, keep this photograph in mind. You may have killed a kid somewhere by your cynicism.

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