Return of Jose Mourinho


As I was saying, if I have to choose a nickname for this period I will choose the Happy One

The Bridge faithful got the biggest gift in form of re-instatment of Jose Mourinho at the helm of Chelsea Football Club after the mutinous tenure of Spaniard Rafa Benitez. Surely Roman Abramovich has won fans back with his recent shopping for the club. The summer arrivals of Andre Shurrle from Bayer Leverkusen and that of young Marko van Ginkel from Vittese are certainly a cherry on the top of the delicious serving that this season is going to be.

It sends shivers running down my spine when I think of our team spearheaded by the most able manager in European football. The prospects certainly look promising. Yes, we did get a lot of quality last season after our Champions League glory in form of Eden Hazard and Oscar to name a few, but I was always skeptical of our chances at claiming silverware under Di Matteo. Of course he won us the Champions League, but with such massive restructuring at the club that saw Drogba among many others leave, we needed a strong head to manage and galvanize the new look Blues. Di Matteo was just not the man to do it. With in-statement of Rafa Benitez as interim manager, I saw a glimmer of hope. And this does not make me an unfaithful glory-hunter of the club. Rafa had done wonderfully at Anfield. And although I did not expect him to rejuvenate Torres of the old, as many originally thought why he was given the job in the first place, I expected him to give us a tactical advantage on the field. A strategy to which we could adhere.

A rather tumultous term
A rather tumultous term

Rafa did actually bring in his tactics, albeit it was entirely different. Which is partially the reason we could not win relatively easy and important games to boost our chances of second place finish and claim some other silverware, especially the FA Cup. Yes, we did well, but I just cannot think of us as the third placed team. That is Arsenal. We are Chelsea, the pride of London! And so, I wasn’t surprised when we ended the season with just one trophy, the Europa League, at the end of the season.

What Mourinho brings to the table is exactly what we need. He brings the confidence that every player should exude on the pitch. He brings the x-factor that is required to win the games. He brings us the feeling of being the best, the attitude, the feeling that we are the boss here. He brings in the players, the sense of togetherness, the sense of playing for the blue fabric on your torso. To play for the fans that support you through the good and the bad.

The bonding is already visible.
The bonding is already visible.

What Mourinho offers off the field is equally important. The ability to take on other managers head on, the classic Mourinho mind games. I think I am going to miss Fergie now 🙂 When Mou spoke eloquently about the Rooney situation, David Moyes couldn’t even get him. Mou had already released the arrow from his bow which probably had hit its intended target (read Rooney) even before Moyes realized. I found it absolutely hilarious when Moyes later commented that he would love to take on the Mourinho mind games, without realising it had already started. Coach Shahrukh Khan puts it like this in response to domineering attitude of his team’s senior most player in the movie Chak De India:

Har team me sirf ek hi gunda hota hai. Aur is team ka gunda, *pause* MAIN HU!

Loosely translated, it means “There is room for only one rowdy in any team. And in this team *pause* I am the rowdy one.”

The Happy One
The Happy One

And that is why, I say, Mourinho is probably our best signing. With players like Hazard, Mata, Oscar, Moses, Schurrle, de Bruyne, Lukaku, Ba Torres, Ginkel, Azpilicueta, the ones that are new, he will cover them in blue, Not for that ad campaign but like what Lampard, Terry and Cech have. The recently concluded Asia tour was a delight for the fans. The rampaging blues dominated the entire proceedings. Not only the old ones like Cech, Terry, but also the new guys Traore, Kalas, Ginkel, de Bruyne. And with all the Rooney saga, which I personally feel would truly make us a dominant force of the Premier League once again, I just cannot wait for the season to start!


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