I (won’t) Thank You!

Since I have been here in Pune, there has been a spurt in my blog posts and consequently the comments. While my blog posts may not be a reader’s delight or visually spectacular and articulated pieces of writings, they are, well, ME. I am no transcendent writer of any sorts, but I try my best. Cliche as you may say, I may also add that the statement I just gave is completely untrue. I do not try. I write what I feel, and hence “WHIMSICAL THINK PIECES”! Well, not actually “think pieces”. Thats a misnomer!

Some of you have been critical, which I greatly appreciate. I value people who criticize me, more than the ones who praise me. Who knows whether those cynics have actually read it or not. Yes, I judge you! *wicked smile*

It is actually not a drudgery to be able to decipher who has read and who hasn’t. I know I am not even capable of a writing that is tantamount to the “fabled” Durjoy Dutta’s ;).  And when you tell me “That’s amazing!” I know!

Most of my posts are from my office desk. And I noted a strange co-incidence, they received a good response  (my perception of good response is actually very modest!) praising my wiriting skills when I wear my recently bought formal shirt (with trousers, of course!). Absurd, you say? I don’t blame you. Thats how things roll when I am involved! As for this “think-piece” I think it will turn out to be a rather good one because.. Wait! What I am I wearing? Nooooooo.

I want to thank you all for your forebearance to read all of my insufferable posts. I hope, I can make my posts even more unbearable with your valuable “Ohh! That is perfect” comments!


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