This story is purely a work of fiction and fantasy, if you think of it so. Any resembelance to a person, living (I am sure you’ll find many!) or dead is purely co-incidental and unintentional (?).  The story is divided into 7 chapters, very short ones though. The storyline is taxing and hackneyed one, you’ll complain, but wait till the end. 😉 Enjoy!

The cadence of cacophony reached its pinnacle and I felt her bloodied palm thudding onto my face when I woke up suddenly, sweating profusely. The clock struck 2am. I rose and sat up in the corner, looking outside the window. The dim moonlight partially filled the room, obstructed by the dark red curtains. It fell on my face as I sat there, pale and wan looking at the few vehicles that sped across the highway. She was here! I could feel it!  A tear rolled down my face.

Chapter 1

21st April 2012, I saw her for the first time, as she hurriedly paced down the Senate hall to reach Major Terry. Major John Terry was leading the Anti-Terrorist Cell’s most recent and biggest mission to foil a potential attack on the city of Globishire. They had intercepted an encrypted message that was being sent to Khilolistan from Shire, a suburban area near Globishire a week earlier. Initially nonchalant, they were gobsmacked when a part of the message was decoded and read “aroung 65000 people”. The ATC quickly jumped into action.

A core team was assembled to be lead by the Major, an experienced guy whose CV boasted some of the major terrorist attack interceptions around the world. He was a maverick when it came to foiling and encountering the bad boys. Terry selected his own team members. Some were the usuals, some new faces. He wanted to bring forth new and best talents to the best anti terrorist organization in the world. Although he had no intention of retiring, it could be sensed this was his last mission.

Officer Frank was the most experienced person at the ATC after the Major. He was his good friend and often deputised in his absence, which was not very often. He too, like Major, had an unblemished record and was the stalwarts of the organization. He held the record for most number of scalps, 203 to be precise. his latest one had been a double strike to disgruntle an attack on Globishire.

Officer Ashley Cole was another major cogwheel in the ATC . Joining the organization in August 2006, he had played a major role in many operations. A skillful master of the hand guns, he had an impeccable record of using as many bulets as there were his targeted strikes.

Officer David Luiz, another skillful man, adroit with the machine in his hand, the grenade launcher. He played a more defensive tactical role, occasionally launching his grenador at times of need. A boisterous, prankster he was the entertainer of the group.

Officer Eden and Officer Juan, were the new faces in this team. Hugely impressed by their exploits in the previous campaign in Manchesterole, Terry had given them a go in his presumable last major operation. Although diminutive, these astute professionals, linked perfectly with each other, using their Mamba pistols to great effect in synchronism.

They had already started working day and night into deciphering the unnatural looking coded message. They had been successful in decoding some important information. They knew the targeted number of casualities, they knew it was to be carried out by a man from Khilolistan. What they did not know was when and where.

The Senate Hall was the seat of ATC. An antediluvian structure in the center of Globishire, it still stood strong and was one of the attractions of Glob. As archaic is looked on the outside, the inside was equally modern. Jennifer ran down the Senate hall, climbing the staircase with a horrified look on her face.

“Its the Bridge. The attack will be on Stamford Bridge.” She said as she slid across the file towards a stolid John looking out of the rain smeared window glass.

“Hmm.” He mumbled. He was thinking of something else. If it was to be his last mission, it had to be in style. He waved her off.

Although not the team member, Jennifer was the major support system of the team, only that she was not in the highlight. She provided information, some real insights of the opposition master plan. The pretty blonde had her own sources who were pretty reliable ones as well.

John picked up the phone and dialled a number. That was to be his latest weapon, the one that was to be a masterpiece in the last mission of his illustrous career.

“Hello..” said a guy on the phone.

“I have a surprise for you.” said John.

Chapter 2

It had been a while since we were going out. The first meeting that we had, or more specifically that I had with her had taken me apart. The next time we met, I had her palm embellished right across my face. The next took me to public harassment and after that came the smile. The cost of one coffee with her was £10 plus the glowing red palm on my face that wouldnt go away for two days and an eve-teaser tag among few Globs who witnessed it. It was all worth it though!

We had some amazing time together, and those were certainly the best of the moments.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her for the last time as we seated for the roller coaster on the Chessington.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine!” she murmered as she sat up stolidly with eyes wide open, back straight and her hands firmly gripping the handle in front. I somehow held myself from bursting out laughing!

Some air wafted through her face bringing a wispy strand of her blonde hair across her face. I rolled it behind her ear while comforting her “Its okay!”

The dragon fell off the pinnacle of its track as she burst out in the highest pitch of her voice. After a minute or so, when the ride came to halt, she had all her hair across her face and an expression that I was just hoping for. She couldn’t be more horrified and scared while at the same time angry at me for pushing her into the ride of death.

We later moved to the giant wheel that took us to the top from where we could see the entire Globshire and the sun setting over narrow Plaise that flowed across the heart of the city. The gentle hew of warm clours filled the sky. The scene was set, only that neither was I nor was she. I couldnt. It was part of my job.

Chapter 3

“They know it will be at the Bridge, they know it will be Anton and they also know.. ” I was interuppted in between by Rio.

“I know” he said in his heavy british accent. “Go and tell Chicha, Kagawa and Nani to assemble the CESC. We go tonight.” He said as he bellowed a cloud of white smoke.

“Tonight? But it was supposed to be next week. We are not fully prepared and..” he cut me off in again.

“It doesnt make any difference. Crowd will be the same. We go today.” He said as he asked me to get out with hand that held the cigar.

I went to the theatre and told them about Rio’s plan.

“We’re almost done. This baby will blow the entire thing off.” yelled Nani as he continued to program CESC.

“May their souls rest in peace” he said with a fake reverent tone.

“Yeah, alright! I’ll see you at the Bridge then.” I slapped him playfully.

Chapter 4

“Listen, I’ll be out tonight. I have to go over to my granny’s. I’ll call you once I reach there. Love you” she said on the phone.

“Okay, be careful. Love you too” I said, as I stood near the Bridge. It is going to be exciting. Gonna blow his mind right off!

 19:15. The truck reached Fulham Broadway.

“Clear?” asked Kagawa

“Clear” I said, as I took down another of those security guys using my PSS Silent gun. An old Russian device but deft piece of work. It was Russian afterall!

The truck parked into bay 1 just below the East stand. Kagawa and Chicha got down as all three of us started shifting the bodies towards a darker place. Rio arrived moments later in his Audi.

“All set guys?” he said with a beaming smile across his face as he looked towards Nani who was busy wiring and checking the wiring of CESC.

“Let’s get this baby started” Rio yelled as the crowd over us gave out a loud cheer for the teams coming on to the pitch. It was Chelsea vs Manchester United.

“How about a coffee first, Rio?” said a voice from behind. John stood there with his team; all looking dapper in their Armani suits. Officer Frank and Luiz on either side of Major, then Cole and Jennifer flanking them. Eden and Juan completed the wing at the extremes.

We looked completely bamboozled. And surprisingly, Rio wasnt amazed. “John. Oh man. It’s been such a long time. I was so hoping to see you here.” He said as he strolled towards him looking at the floor while smiling.

Jennifer looked sternly at me. A bit dazzled herself. For her, I was an accounts manager at Barclays.

“Yeah?” asked Lampard.

“Oh yes, really. And I bought you a gift. I am your guest tonight afterall” he said to Lampsy.

“I like gifts, such a good friend you are!” said Lampard sarcastically.

“You wont like this one, I assume” said Jennifer as she pointed her pistol on John’s head. I knew it, John thought, a hint of smile across his face.

Everyone froze for a moment. Eden and Juan looked completely blank at the turn of events. They all pointed their guns at Jennifer now. So was I and my partners. I came forward and stood besides Rio. Rio moved further up to John, coming almost face to face with him. “Like it? It going to be all RED this time friend.”

John smiled and then looked straight into Rio’s eyes. “Allow me to be the perfect host Rio!”

The sound of a slider and a touch of cold metal on his head was enough to wipe the smile off Rio and everyone’s face, again. Everybody stood surprised. More so Jennifer. She had not expected this at all. Double shocker. I stood behind Rio. “Or maybe we should let it remain blue. No?” I murmured.

The boundaries were now defined. Everyone knew who was on which side. The stage was set. As the second loud cheer was heard signalling the kickoff on the pitch above, Rio took down John on the ground landing a solid punch on his face. Frank and Luiz dashed straight towards the van that had CESC. Meanwhile Eden and Juan slid to the ground taking aim at Chicha and Nani. Both of them escaped and counter fired at them. Cole stood besides the pillar and enjoyed the show. He involved himself in dire situations. Kagawa managed to get away from the scene to call for backup. Within ten minutes, men from both parties ensued in a violent fracas below the East End. The the noise of bullets was lost in the cacophony of crowd above.

I swiveled on my left foot with my right arm streched out holdin the gun as my face touched Jennifer’s gun.  Her face was touching my gun. She had tears in her eyes. A thousand words were said without uttering a single word. Everything was clear despite the maddening clamor. She dropped her gun, so did I. I held her in my arms. We embraced each other right in middle of the defined boundaries.

Fire shots were being exchanged, as I saw some falling down with gun shots piercing their head. Just then I felt excruciating pain in my back. A bullet had torn down the fabric in my body in the shape of a small round hole. Blood came rushing out as Jennifer brought forward her bloodied hands before her eyes. I stood there motionless, dropping to my knees in a jerk, unable to move my hands or feel my body. I closed my eyes for a moment as I saw my life rewind in my memory. She came before my eyes and then I opened them up. She was supporting me, and crying profusely. I just smiled at her and kissed her, for the first and probably the last time. Just then some blood spewed on my face as I saw her forehead pierced with a bullet and blood all over her face.

I gave out a loud cry, when she fell down besides me absolutely motionless.  “I am sorry” she mumbled. Her eyes rolling up and her palm fell right across my face with a thud. I cried. I felt myself losing out. I lay there in peace. I wanted to die. I closed my eyes and remembered my parents and friends for the last time. I took her palm in mine and kept it over my face, remembering the glorious moment when she had dished out her first.

I felt someone hold up my body, agitating my face and crying for ambulance. I opened my eyes to allow the minimum possible light in. I saw Mata and Hazard there against the shining bulb in the background.

“We’re here buddy. We wont let you go! We’re here. Stay with us.” said Mata as he again cried for ambulance. I did not want to go. I wanted to stay there. With her, in peace. But I couldnt say anything. I couldnt open my lips, nor could I lift my hand. I was a near corpse. I saw here lying there for the last time, with her head in a pool of ther own blood. There was chaos and bedlam everywhere. It was irritating. My eyes and ears shut up as my energy waned completely.

Chapter 5

I woke up in the hospital, surrounded by every kind of beeping instrument. They beeped numbers and graphs about my condition. A plastic tube up my nose to help me breathe. Two pins that provided me with blood and glucose were drilled in my arm. I looked sideways as I saw Mata dozed off on the sofa in an ostensibly uncomfortable condition. I had mixed emotions. Should I be happy, for I am alive, should I be sad and regretful for I couldn’t save her? I closed my eyes again, immersing myself into the moments that we shared. I felt her hand in my hand as we walked through the Palaise on a cold night. I felt her lips on mine as she cried in the midst of brawl at the Bridge.

I was discharged a few days later from the hospital. Hazard and Luiz had come to pick me and Mata up at the Crossriver hospital.

Luiz bellowed “Whazzzzzzzuppppp man!” with his tongue sticking out. It was enough for me to simper and shun my gloominess. Although I was meeting them for the first time, they did not let me feel it. I was the latest recruit by John, his “masterstroke” as he had told me over the phone.

“John has a surprise for you at the Hall” Hazard said, excitedly.

“Oh please no more surprises! Last time John gave me a surprise I nearly lost my life. I was better at my own spying agency. Why in the world did I pick up the phone that day, I dont understand.” I said jokingly.

Everyone laughed and we headed towards the Senate. It was a felicitation ceremony, where all of us were felicitated for our extraordinary service to the ATC.

Chapter 6

I went back home, only to be reminded of her when I saw her photo on the key table. There seemed a void everywhere. The past few months with her had changed my life completely. I looked outside the window, gloomy dark clouds hovered over the city. They seemed to be crying with me for my loss. I felt heavy, a tear almost rolling down my face. I wiped my eyes, and resolved never to think of her again. “It was just a few months, like a long fling! I’ll get over with it.” I thought.

I laid down on my bed, staring blankly into the ceiling. A bloodied crying face of her came before my eyes as I lay there right besides her. I dont remember when I slipped into my sleep. The cadence of cacophony reached its pinnacle and I felt her bloodied palm thudding onto my face when I woke up suddenly, sweating profusely. The clock struck 2am. I rose and sat up in the corner, looking outside the window. The dim moonlight partially filled the room, obstructed by the dark red curtains. It fell on my face as I sat there, pale and wan looking at the few vehicles that sped across the highway. She was here! I could feel it!  A tear rolled down my face.

Thats it. I wont let her do this to me. I wont let her bother me again, I resolved

Chapter 7

A few weeks passed as I shifted to my normal routine. I had now taken up a job at Walmart. I was starting to get over her now. I would go for walks, sometimes along the Palaise, without letting myself delve into the poignant memories.

Then this fine morning, I got up and got ready for work. As I was crossing the the road, i bumped into a blonde, carrying her coffee. She had a bag with god knows how many things stuffed into it. They all came out spilling on the road and her coffee spilled over me. I let out a controlled cry as the hot cappucino dripped from my fingers.

“I am so so sorry mister” she said in an apologetic tone as she tried to get pick up all the scattered bags from the road. I found some familiar air. The fragrance, it was Channel no. 5, I knew it. I couldn’t be mistaken on this one. She rose as she pulled back her hair and adjusted herself.

“I am extremely sorry”.

Her tone seemed familiar. Her first impression was familiar. I took her by her face and kissed her in the middle of road. She agitated and pushed me away wildly. A palm flew and embossed itself on my face. Bellows of harangues followed. I was labelled as the eve-teaser by the section of Globs who were present there.

She left fuming, I continued to follow her with my eyes till she turned back to look at me again. Her face replete with confusion.

I raised my eye brow with a hint of smile across my face. Talik about Familiar waters!


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