Lets talk alcohol!

It does that! Yes, it does!

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.

Not a great opening line, especially when it is an adage, but also when it bears no relation to the above appelation. Wait! I find something malicious here. I am not quiet sure whether the guy/girl who wrote this heard it correct. Let me put forward my version of this hackneyed phrase

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beer-holder”

Eh? See? Doesn’t that make more sense? And I presume most of you would certainly agree with me, specially the guys from my alma mater who lie perenially in the state of inebriation! Alcohol, you see my dear friends, is one invention that accelerates the fostering of human relationship beyond measure! Greatest achievement of man, I would say!

I’ve been in there. A time when your self concious decides to sit aside and let the reins of your body be taken over by this nectar. Enjoyable, but it becomes a real problem when you need to get up to take that loo break. I remember the time when I first got drunk. I could feel my consious self slipping away and being subdued by alcohol. It was, I dont know, mized feeling.

I wore a constant smile, as I was told, grinning to every question thrown at me by the experienced ones. There was just one name that I would utter; and then get back to smiling. I do not remember what happened subsequently as I progressively gulped down those shots, one by one. But what I do remember is, it took a herculean effort from me to just get the energy down on my legs and stand up. It took another herculean effort to take the first step. And yet another one to open my eyes to look at the dimly lit surroundings clearly. That was the most relieving loo-break I took; afterall, I had put such a huge effort!

I talked a lot after the smiling phase, I am being told. Bellowed harangues to some, crying over lost ones, the pretty ones, my family. It is in fact true, you talk about everyone who is close to you when you are not in the sober condition. I had heard everyone in my hostel, and that was hilarious. You get something to talk about for the time till next round of get together, which is fortunately not far.

There was this one phrase which I thought was infact made up, and that people say uselessly, probably to show off. A phrase that trancends the national, social, racial and sometimes gender barrier. “Buddy, you are indeed my best friend. All others are fake, I know that. You are my true one. And I am completely serious, HEY! I am serious, you understand? Huh? YOU. ARE. MY. BESSSSST. FRIEND.” *gets up to make public announcement among group of friends* “OII!.. This guy here, he’s my best friend. HE IS MY BEST FRIEND. You all are fake.” And then there’s the forced hug. :/

Being a spectator to a tanked party is no less than a visual comical spectacle. It is equally embarrasing when you are one of them, and you are reminded of that the next morning, even more embarrasing when there are video proofs.

For those who believe that is is morally unacceptable and degrading practice,   ,|,,

Be foolish, and get drunk!

Good day, people.


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