“Mess”y affairs!

Keeping its motto in sync with its actions, the DTU, our beloved university welcomed a swarm of students, both freshmen and seniors. “A university driven by talent and something something by innovation” reads the frontal bill board on the façade of university campus gate. As we step in, the campus, as delightful as it was during my first year, doesn’t put me down. It is indeed beautiful. A monotonous sight for 3 years now, yet it is still a mesmerizing one. That is probably the first and the last thing that I love about this university. Beauty is to be found in abundance.

An intake of 1600-odd students this fall, coupled with 1600 previously, 1600 before that and a 1000 of us makes this around 6000 of the undergraduates, if I am not wrong. Add to that the graduate population, and then the PhD’s (if any) and the facu.. let’s leave them aside. So the serenity of the campus that was to be seen during my first year is up in the air as soon as I enter the academic block. Plethora of cars, parked at every possible side lane available. From 800 to Audi, one can find everything here. Okay, that is world class, isn’t it? Lots of cars!!!

As I step into my non-existent department of 3 years in the middle of Electrical Engineering block and the EC Engineering block, I am gobsmacked at the number of students that walk through the corridors. What the F happened here? There’s everyone here! The cool dudes, the hot lasses (Okay, there was just this ONE, but let’s not be cruel to the freshly arrived bastion), jackasses, some overly sophisticated one’s and then there’s the friends and acquaintances in form of fellow classmates and juniors.

Still world class. Beauty check. Huge crowd, check. Good looking ones? Check. So what if there’s enormous number of students at this campus? Every university has it. University of Southern California has in excess of 35-40k students. Same is with the University of Toronto. So, nothing to gloat about yet, I guess. Okay, yes, I have to register for my new sem. Yeah! Lets get to that.

“You are late by 2 days, pay INR 100 at the accounts department and come back again”. Asking to pay for a registration, that too from a typical Indian parsimonious student? Okay, I am still at a world class university. Can’t help it. I guess, I’ll just pay. I head to the accounts department. Some background information here:

Location: Basement

Heat Index: A degree less than hell’s?

Humidity: Its monsoon just round the corner

Cooling provided: Nothing

No. of students at the queue: 40?

No. of counters: 2

No. of people at the other side of counter: 1

Got the image? Okay lets proceed. The dimly lit area with around 40 students lined up to pay their late registration dues. You commit a mistake, you have to suffer. At DTU, if you commit a mistake, satan welcomes you to hell. So, I stand in this queue to pay for my sins. There is just one fan that creeks and rotates with a speed that will put a sloth to shame. There is another one that works perfectly fine, placed at the next counter that is around 10m away. 40 odd students, lined up in hot, humid basement with no ventilation. And then there was a grateful personality who just thought his/her ass crack would be too hot and might be in need of some “gust of silent breeze”.  Talk about world class students.

Beads of sweat roll down everyone’s face as we breathe in everyone’s perfumed sweat and the queue moves forward slowly but steadily. The guy at the accounts section was doing his best. No one blames him. But that is one dent on the university’s world class image. Isnt it?

And yes, the classes. I am an Electrical major, and yet, except for one year, I haven’t have had my classes scheduled in the Electrical block! Our classes our held at the Mechanical Block. For some reasons that, god knows what they are! Nevertheless, its nothing that bothers me much, but then it is a WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY, remember?

This time around, I felt, DTU successfully managed to go above the clichéd norm of being a world class university.  Yes, literally. It takes the meaning of being world class to a NEXT LEVEL. Again some background:

Our campus is a large one. Green, beautiful, serene. It houses the faculty residence blocks, the hostels, the residential blocks for some lower level workers here. The academic section that houses all the departments is entirely separate one. Our classes are supposed to be held here. I guess you must have got a gist of my point here? If not then read on!

Our class schedule read “Nursery” in classroom section. Now where the eff is nursery? Three years at this university, and being a hosteller, I knew every corner of the campus. But where the F is nursery? Asking here and there, the department and the admin, we come to know that there have been new classrooms that have been constructed. Great! We get the new classrooms! Only that, we are in for fallacy. The nursery is nothing but a revamped first year hostel mess, bam in the middle of residential block, quiet far away from main academic block.

You don’t believe me? There’s proof at the end! Dont hesitate, go on. Scroll down. Be shocked! I’ll wait.


Okay, so lets proceed!

This is how the senior most students of the university handled. Kudos! That IS definitely out of the world.

In addition to making us study all the subjects that probably ever existed, and not giving us adequate remuneration for our valiant efforts, the only nail in the coffin that was left to ostracize us from the university has been hammered. Thank you so much! Let’s not get this personal and rather focus more on the recent up gradations.

Another visual spectacle that everyone must have noticed would be the tin capped covering of a part of corridor to make a room sort of place. Just above the Electrical canteen?  Well, if it is a store room, it is magnificent. If that is another slaughter house for us, I have no words to express my gratitude.

Yes, we are extraordinary students, sir, but have very ordinary requirements when it comes to classrooms and other facilities. Maybe we could have used those funds to fix the hostel toilet flush and leaking taps that keep the bathrooms floors perennially wet?

Yes, its real. Thank you DTU!
Yes, its real. Thank you DTU!
It isnt even funny!
It isnt even funny!

We do not need world class facilities, we need basic working facilities. So it would be kind of you to reconsider your decision!



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