It is a feeling, a titillation, sort of, not normal by any means and an unprecedented one! I do not have words to express my current state of mind. It is definitely not normal, not the usual, monotonous one. Why? Well, Hi, I now work as a Technology Analyst at Deloitte! 

Eh? Thank you, thank you!

To be placed from the campus itself, is a huge relief and massive honour. I fondly remember during my 3rd semester, as I was walking down the hostel boulevard, I saw a guy, dressed in formals, hopping in his formals. A visible chirpiness and excitement in his gait, he sounded ecstatic on the phone and wore an ear-reaching grin. Yes, he got placed, that was tacit! But that look on his face, was of a huge relief, excitement, joy, all at the same time!

Today, as I am placed at Deloitte, I find myself in a similar situation. I am still gobsmacked at the fact that I actually got placed! My cheeks hurt from the constant grin that lies slapped on my face since the time I got the news that, Yes, I have been selected!

Oh dear lord, I still find it hard to believe at how the events turned out today! Somebody pinch me, is it real world or am I still dreaming?


Hey, that hurts!


And about the appellation! I didnt give it a thought actually! Neither I will; because, Hello! 


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