Sun be sale..

Last week, I was discussing with a friend of mine on Whatsapp, how the good old days were! High school was so awesome. Poignant memories and spiteful ones came up as I started going back to those chapters of my life. Some where in between we started rating our fellow classmates, something that I find odd in retrospect, and funny. Stumbling upon a particular one guy, who happens to be a very good friend of mine, and not so of hers, she asked me how did I become friends with this particular sort of guy? She went on to describe how she felt about this guy (which was not too good) and was surprised how and why I had made this guy my friend.

I simply had no answer. How did this guy end up being my friend, a very good friend? How do 2 strangers end up becoming friends? Now if you start reminiscing about how you and your best friend end up being “best friends”, I guess you too would be clueless. I then went to the back of my mind to remember, how did I meet every single person who later (or instantly) became my friend! A very odd thing to do when you have your GRE and end sems coming up, I ended up spending good time on this matter. I concluded, I do not remember how I met most of them, but I did remember some moments that were crazy, funny, amazing, ludicrous, full of tensions, sadness, sharing the nadirs and the zeniths of my life.


I remembered how one time I had to run with a badminton racket in my hand from my room to his to scare away a rodent of who was hidden in one corner as scared as my friend who was curled up on the other corner in his bed. I remember how that same guy came running to help me when I woke up in the middle of night and found a dog sleeping beneath my bed. (Scary hostel, isnt it? :p)

I remembered how this one time, I almost broke my leg into 2 while playing holi with few friends and those friends ran upto everyone to arrange a car for me to the hospital, accompanying me with faces smeared in holi colours.


I remembered how one consoled me at 2 in the morning when I called her to tell I had failed. I remember how my friends threw me a surprise birthday party. I remember how they beat the crap out of me on my birthday. I remember how they all hugged me when I got placed.

Friendship, I feel, isn’t something that we can really control. We all are like magnets. The moment we find our match, it just sticks. And then starts the frolic ride. Call them by anything but their names, use their stuff, no matter how expensive, abuse them, curse them, it just doesn’t matter, does it? “Sun be sale.. Ped pe chadein??”



4 thoughts on “Sun be sale..

  1. I never knew when you have become so intelligent on relations which I though only I knew…… I can’t write you ‘ sun Be saale’ as I happens to be your father. But still can acquire all the traits of being a good friend….. Keep it up !!!

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