Whatever the F***!

After a prolonged hiatus from the blogging arena, I am finally back! The reason for this absence, if you seek one, is the missing inspiration to write anything. I did couldn’t find anything to write, which, put simply, means, my life was pretty boring lately. Recent events, however, have been very interesting and pushed me into thinking. Something that I would want to share with you guys and “hope” I am not yet alone on this.

Having a free flowing conversation with your friend(s), whatever rubbish it may be, is one of the most amazing joys of life. Its like shitting during diarrhea!! Talk about how one time you messed up that night, about how hot SHE/HE was, and more recently how Kejriwal drama is panning out. It all eats up time like the fresh spring air wafting through. Isn’t it?

During one such impromptu long discussion with a friend of mine, I realised what the fuck is up with my fellow mates. It scared me, to be honest. Here’s what happened. He and I were discussing our past crushes, what all crap that had ensued during that time laughing to our hearts content. It was good to go back to those parts of life, school days, where we were old enough, yet childish.

Discussing our recent conversations with our previous crushes over facebook (or whatever the damned medium was), there were a few similarities that left us both baffled. Well, baffled is a strong word, lets just say surprised. His’ was already in a relationship for quiet some long time and told him that she had planned to marry that guy. Mine too, again in a stable, long relationship was thinking along the same lines. And this was not exclusive to just these two, there were quiet a few of our common friends along the same lines. Also to mention, one of my schoolmate is already ‘happily married’.

“Aur yahan dekho, 22 saal ho gaye, abhi tak nalle baithe hai!” he said as we both burst out laughing. It had me thinking, what is happening? Am I really that grown up? Then it popped in my head, clearing a 20 mark mid semester exam is already a big headache for me, nobody got time for this shit! 😀


Whatever the case maybe, I respect people’s opinions and decisions. Afterall, its their life. Its good if they decide to get hitched. Apna kya hai? Shaadi me khaane ko mil jaega! Nachne ko mil jaega!

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 6.04.26 pm


Have a great evening!


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